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Alex Wilcox

Alex's lifelong passion for wine and food was inspired by his mother, Sue, and it was only a matter of time before his passion became his career.

After deferring his studies, Alex decided to cycle, eat and drink his way around Europe . Not since WWII had Europe's food stocks been placed under such strain and after a short meeting at the Hague the nations of the EU decided to deport Alex back to Australia. Exhausted but inspired, Alex returned to undertake an Honours degree in Agricultural Economics at Sydney University , specialising in the international wine trade, the third degree year of which was spent at the University of California , Davis .

Alex's wine industry life embraced all facets of the trade including wholesale, restaurants and retail before becoming a partner at Prince Wine Store. Having worked several vintages in Victoria, Western Australia and Tuscany , Alex is committed to educating customers and friends alike on all the joys wine has to offer. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the South Melbourne store.

He lives in the country with his wife, Kirsty and their children, Henry, Jemima and Charlie.

Michael McNamara

Michael's family immigrated to Australia in 1962 from a small village in England called Ireland. After wandering various paths, Michael decided to try the wine industry, joining retailer Philip Murphy in 1996. Michael was the Imported Wine Manager for the Philip Murphy Group for four years before establishing his own business; a small wine export company specialising in premium Australian brands. During this time, Michael created a number of new labels for overseas markets and helped to shape the wine styles of these export brands.

Michael became a partner in the Prince Wine Store at the beginning of September 2004 after commencing at the store in March 2003. Michael has a passion for all styles of wine, particularly the wines of Italy, California, Burgundy and Bordeaux. 

As wine is both his passion and profession, Michael spends much of his work and leisure time travelling the world's wine areas. This includes regular trips within Australia, Italy, France and the occasional trip to California. When not drinking wine, Michael likes to relax with a beverage and indulge his other great love, Trugo. He is married to Julia and they have two children, Vinnie and Maeve.

The Prince Wine Store Team 

Magda Debiec

Magda (full name Magdalena Agnieszka Debiec) was born in Poland in the picturesque town of Jelenia Góra, some time ago.

As a child Magda liked her German Shepherd named Jock, disliked her slightly older cousin Beata because of her longer hair, and spent most of her days annoying her older brother Tomek, who in turn accidently tried to kill her, twice.

Life was pretty idyllic.  At the age of 8 Magda’s parents decided to immigrate to Melbourne Australia, which seemed like a fine idea, as it seemed to make all her school colleagues jealous.  All the more confirmed, where upon arrival in Melbourne, Magda spotted a big shimmering Coca Cola sign.  There was no Coca Cola to be had in Poland at the time, we had Pepsi, thus this was clearly the lucky country.

Some time later, Magda studied Fine Arts at Monash majoring in Print Making. She has a BA and Hons degree to prove it. Once she had the two bits of paper it wasn’t long before she realised that perhaps she should have listened to her Mother, and studied something else.  Magda fell into the wine industry by taking a casual position at Philip Murphy, which led to working in the Corporate Sales at Philip Murphy, Vinatge Cellars and Corporate Express. Magda has been with Prince Wine Store for over 7 years and is very happy. She no longer drinks Coca Cola.


Sebastian Zotti 

Sebastian joined the Prince Wine Store in 2007 after completing a BA and Hons in Philosophy and Comparative Literature. He has a life long love of wine inherited from his father and worked in many aspects of the wine industry from supermarket chains and wine bars. The former manager of the original Prince Wine Store St Kilda and he now oversees the organisation of the weekly tasting schedule, events and website content.
Sebastian's love of wine and travel have led him to France and Italy and will so again. Like all the members of the Prince team he is passionate about wine, particularly Barolo, Burgundy, Bordeaux, German Riesling, Champagne, the wines of Tuscany and American Beer. Sebastian has completed his WSET Diploma and teaches the Prince Wine Store in house Basic Wine and French Wine Courses, Burgundy Masterclass with Philip Rich, WSET Courses and frequently hosts corporate and private events.

Roscoe Halligan 

Roscoe moved to Melbourne from Western Australia via Darwin in 2006 to continue his wine career and complete his degree in wine science. After finishing his study, and getting a few vintages under the belt, he came to work at the Prince Wine Store, where he is now the manager.

For most of his adult life he has worked in the wine trade and is now, like most if the crew at The Prince, is a bit of a wine tragic and particularly keen on Burgundy, Barolo, Riesling and cold Coopers Pale Ale. Roscoe is one of the Prince Wine Store in house wine course tutors and frequently hosts corporate wine events. 


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