• Prince Wine Store Proudly Sponsors Daniher Drive to Cure MND

    Earlier this month my borthers-in-law (Chris, Michael and Tom Niall) particpated in the inaugural Daniher Drive Rally to raise money to find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. Prince Wine Store were a proud sponsor of the mighty Monaro (see below) which completed the five day tour of Victoria and ended up raising approximately $25,000.

    As you would no doubt be aware Neale Daniher - former Essendon footballer and part of the famous Daniher...

  • Ted Lemon - Mornington Pinot Celebration Presentation

    The Concept of Noble Place in New World Viticulture

    For those lucky enough to be at the Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir Celebration the presentation by Ted Lemon of California's Littorai Estate was one of the highlights of the two days. By popular request the transcript is provided here.   

  • Wine Tours


    Finding your way through Burgundy's maze of labels - sorting village from vineyard from producer - is the first step towards appreciating its glorious products, and drinking them is an experience ...

  • Querciabella's Batar 1995-2010 & Carmartina 1991-2008 by Walter Speller of JancisRobinson.com

    I have always been intrigued by Batàr, a white wine produced from Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay bang in the middle of Chianti Classico, in Greve, with a cheeky reference to Bâtard-Montrachet. Cheeky, I say, because I couldn't imagine that white grapes in the warm and sometimes very warm continental macroclimate of central Tuscany could produce anything coming close to that prime example of white burgundy. With a name like this, Bat...

  • Growlers - The newest Beer lovers must try

    Beer Growlers

    Beer Growlers are a relatively new concept in Australia, but they have been championed by the American Craft Breweries for around 20 years. A growler is a glass bottle which holds 1900ml (0.5US Gallon) of beer. The idea behind Growlers is quite simple; it allows the consumer to enjoy tap beer fresh from a keg at home. The beer will remain fresh in the growler...

  • Ted Lemon & Natural Winemaking - A Common Sense Approach

    Littorai Wines Natural Winemaking Philosophy

    The term “natural” winemaking is an oxymoron. Consumable wine does not occur in nature. At Littorai we prefer the older description “minimal intervention winemaking”. The goal; however, is the same: to intervene in the fermentation and aging processes as little as possible and always to favor simple physical inputs (temperature and humidity control, moving wine by gravity flow whenever...

  • Kate McIntyre MW - On Champagne

     I have been accused of being a 'Champagne apologist' more than once, mostly by people who find most Champagnes boring and overpriced.  I am happy to admit that I find charm and enjoyment in many different styles and quality levels of Champagne, and the context of the occasion often will reflect the success of the fizz.  I'm certainly not advocating that all Champagne is of an equally high quality, but I must also...

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