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Kusuda & Archangel: Two of New Zealand's Finest
Saturday, April 09, 2011 12:00 PM

This week we showcase the wines of two of New Zealand's finest producers; Kusuda and Arachangel.

Hiroyuki Kusuda and his path to winemaker in Martinborough is one of the more remarakable stories in world wine. The one-time Japanese lawyer and government diplomat discovered wine and  more particularly pinot noir whilst working in Sydney. Inspired, he decided to learn winemaking and search for the best place to grow and make pinot outside Burgundy. The search led him to Martinborough where he is now based and in a remarkably short amount of time he and his wines have become some of the most sought after from the region. We usually don't have the wine to be able to show it at a tasting so this is an exciting tasting of his pinot noir 2009, syrah 2008 and merlot cabernet 2008.

Heading south to Central Otago, the wines of Archangel caught Philip's eye a few years ago while judging in New Zealand. The owner, Mary Zurakowski sought the assistance of Nigel Greening (Felton Road) in siting and viticulture for the vineyard. While only the relatively new, the wines speak of the care she has taken in both vineyard and cellar. Taste the range including the pinot gris and her two pinot noirs.

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