Featuring wines from Jo Landron & Guy Bossard (Loire Valley) Zind-Humbrecht (Alsace) Wittmann (Rheinhessen) and Cullen & Jasper Hill (Australia)

For vines to fully embrace their terroir with their roots, they must be alive and free of weed killers that destroy all micro-organisms.  And to successfully capture their climate and its endless variations – wind, slope, humidity, etc.- the leaves must be free of synthetic chemical products that perturb photosynthesis.   When healthy farming – organic or biodynamics – allows the spirit of a place to express itself, cellar interventions and the arbitrary tastes they can create become unnecessary.  The wine then keeps the taste of its origins and its ability to age, with complete transparency for the consumers.  NICOLAS JOLY

A rapidly growing number of the world’s best winegrowers, from Alsace to Australia, have enthusiastically adopted biodynamics in their vineyards because they believe it help them produce wines that express a more authentic, more beautiful sense of place in the glass.
MAX ALLEN, Forward to the Return to Terroir tasting at this year’s MFWF

The words biodynamic and organic have the potential to inspire trepidation and caution in every wine buyer, despite the fact that some of the world’s greatest wines are produced under these principles and the ideologies. Zind Humbrecht, Domaine Romanee Conti (DRC bottles with a new moon as the lees are lowest at that point so a maximum amount of clear wine can be drawn) Dauvissat and Jacques Selosse are just a few superstars amongst a galaxy of Old World producers who have been producing distinguished wines under these sometimes controversial principles.

Opinions are varied, but what is unique to the vast majority of biodynamic and organic producers, both certified and not, is the shared commonality between every producer and the belief in the sustainability of their operation, the health of their vines and their vineyards. In essence it is about long term sustainable, healthy viticulture and quality wine.

For us at PWS there are two aspects at play; we admire and support those producers who are treating the earth with respect and feel a custodian role toward their land. These days there’s an almost ethical imperative that says this is the least producers should be doing. As a retailer though we also know that being biodynamic and organic does not ensure great wine. The producers in this offer are (we think) some the best in their field and the quality of their wines are the most salient argument for others considering “going bio”.  

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