Featuring Donnhoff, Wittmann, Georg Breuer, Cristmann, Dr Loosen and Heymann Lowenstein

We hope that even if you have never bought German wine, you will consider experimenting with the 2009s. Compared with their counterparts from Bordeaux, they are terrific bargains and the quality is really outstanding.

Germany has been blessed by an extraordinarily long run of successful vintages. The 2003s may have been rather riper and flabbier than usual, and the 2002s rather less concentrated, but it is difficult to think of a really disastrous year in living memory.  This century 2009 joins 2007 and 2001 as potentially the greatest vintages so far.  JANCIS ROBINSON

GERMANY Vintage 2009 is a startlingly super Riesling vintage, if a recent tasting of wines in Germany is anything to go by. A combination of ripeness with retained, relatively high acidity are cited as the defining parameters of the 2009 in the main riesling regions of Mosel, Rheingau, Nahe, Pfalz and the Rheinhessen. 2009 is defined as a year of long ripening and good structure. But volumes are down across the board. Some have said 2009 is as good as 2007. By comparison 2008 was not so warm, on average.  SALLY EASTON, MW

Anyone who doubts that Germany is the home of the most transparent and exciting riesling in the world only need taste the new releases from 2009. The wines possess that rare combination (in German riesling) of fruitiness, intense minerality and delicate acidity. They are lithe and dancing wines that take their place alongside the wines of 2001 which were similarly well balanced.This offer shines a spotlight on a selection of some of our favourite producers from the various sub-areas .

In addition, this year we have included several Grosses Gewach's wines; a relatively new category relating to what are considered to be from "Grand Cru" sites and which are relatively dry.

We can't recommend putting some of these wines away for a few years; they are great now but will be even greater with the chance to develop and setlled into themselves in the bottle.



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