Burgundy Course


At best Burgundy (the home of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay) produces some of the most seductive and interesting wines found anywhere in the world.

The region, located south of Paris, is one of the more complicated and at times frustrating regions for consumers to understand.  The vineyards of Burgundy (in all but a few cases) are split up amongst many different producers which leads to problems in that no matter how good the reputation of the vineyard, producers vary, and two wines from the same vineyard made by different people will not be the same. It is therefore super important that when buying wine from this part of the world, you know, or know someone who knows, the good producers from the bad.  Let Fine Wine Manager Roscoe Halligan and Sebastian Zotti guide you through the ins and outs over two weeks with this in depth course from the villages level wines to the great premier and grand crus.

Finding your way through Burgundy's maze of labels - sorting village from vineyard from producer - is the first step towards appreciating its glorious products, and drinking them is an experience second-to-none In a nutshell: Burgundy is a small, dynamic, sometimes infuriatingly confusing region that delivers paradise in a bottle with increasing frequency.   JANCIS ROBINSON

Burgundy is an enigma. I feel I understand Bordeaux. I doubt I will ever fully comprehend Burgundy.  CLIVE COATES, Cote d'Or

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