A Spanish Summer Tasting 2020

$10.00 per person
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12:00 pm Saturday,
February 15, 2020 - February 15, 2020


PWS Bank Street


This Saturday will have a selection of Spanish wine just perfect for the lingering, warm weather.

While Tempranillo is king and Rioja the jewel in the crown, there is so much more to Spains winemaking. From the sparkling wines of the eastern coast, to the bright and fresh whites of the Riais Baixas. This tasting will include those as well some of the more interesting, unusual and of course delicious wines from this sunburnt country.

In addition, we will be looking at what Scott Wasley of the Spanish acquisition refers to as the Palomino – Fino continuum. No longer just fortified sherry styles, there is an emphasis by cutting edge growers and winemakers who see the true potential of the region, its soils, the palominio grape and the incredible diversity of styles possible other then, and of course, including sherry.

This will be a fascinating look at this paradigm shift in thinking from the antiquated idea’s of sherry country. 

Tasting – $10 refundable on purchase
Masterclass – $15

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