Rose Regionality Masterclass with Felix 7pm

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7:00 pm Thursday,
November 16, 2017 - November 16, 2017


PWS Bank Street


Rosé is a wine style which can be made anywhere in the world out of any red grape variety, similar in many ways to sparkling wine.  Provence is to rosé what Champagne is to sparkling – the benchmark of the style, due to ideal climate, soil, and local winemaking expertise given the region’s focus. FELIX

Rose is many things, especially delicious, refreshing, great with food and also perfect to have on its own with friends in the sun. Perhaps because of the seemingly frivolous nature of this all to drinkable beverage we can occasionally overlook the fact that many of these wines are produced with the same level of care and take the same amount of hard work and talent to craft as the more ‘prestigious’ styles. That is a shame as many vignerons take real pride in their offerings and these wines are equally capable of carrying their sense of place and time as most wines. We don’t want to detract from the enjoyment factor of rose, far from it, but we are happy that Felix Riley, a dedicated Rose aficionado and importer of some of the greatest examples going around, has offered to run a few quick, informal tutored sessions this year at our Annual Rose Tasting.

We will be asking people in attendance if they would like to take 20 or so minutes out of the tasting time to sit down with Felix while he talks you through some of the difference in regionality of the major areas of Provence, while drinking some great Rose of course.

Felix will be sharing six of his Rose with you and hopefully spreading some of his infectious love of these eminently drinkable wines. He is a great ambassador for the style and the region who travels there regularly and knows the region well. We did a little test run of the tasting recently and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

This is a free event and places are very limited to please book in early to avoid missing out.

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