A. Rodda Wines

Adrian Rodda has been winemaking since 1998, almost entirely working with David Bicknell at Oakridge. He was thus involved in the development of the superb Oakridge 864 Chardonnay, his final contribution to 864 coming in 2009. At the start of 2010 he and his wife Christie, a doctor, and their small but growing family, decided to move to Beechworth, and it was no co-incidence that he was a long-term friend of viticulturist Mark Walpole. Yet further co-incidences came with the Smith vineyard and winery being available for lease, which he now shares with Mark Walpole. Even more, was the availability of Smith vineyard chardonnay, planted in 1978, and thus the release of the first A. Rodda wines. One should hardly be surprised that it is so good. JAMES HALLIDAY

Adrian Rodda has firmly secured his position on the top of the Australian Chardonnay tree (or vine maybe?) in recent years with his Beechworth and Yarra Valley offerings. Working closely with gun viticulturalist Mark Walpole they have both carved out a place in the wine scene here producing remarkable wines across the whole stable. ROSCOE