Albert Mann

The brothers are very serious and very determined, and their wines grow in precision and focus with each vintage which passes. ANDREW JEFFORD, A New France

The goal of the estate is to produce wine that is in harmony with nature. Wine is the memory of the grape and is capable of transmitting the taste of the earth. DOMAINE ALBERT MANN

Sine 1984 the domaine has been run by brothers Maurice and Jacky Barthelmé and their respective wives Marie-Claire and Marie-Thérèse. Between them and their families carrying over 400+ years of experience farming the hills of Alsace. It has also given them access to enviable holdings in Kaysersberg, Schlossberg, Furstentum and Altenbourg in addition to the Mann holdings around Wettolsheim. Grands Crus Hengst (Wintzenheim) and Steingrubler (Wettolsheim) and some outstanding Lieux-dits are part of this desirable portfolio of vineyards. Riesling makes up the majority of the holdings with Pinot Blanc and Gris Making up the bulk of the rest with a small amount of Pinot Noir and a touch of muscat. The jewel in the crown of this estate is the Clos de la Faille in Wintzenheim.

The domain has a distinctly modern and purest approach to winemaking with little sulphur, no additions, wild yeast and a large proportion of their wines under screwcap. In 2006 the domain was certified organic and in 2010 started their biodynamic certification process for the vineyards which covers, in all, 19 ha in as much as 8 communes.

Albert Mann deserves the reputation they have built over the years. As with most of the worlds greatest estates, and this should be ranked among them, the real work is done in the vineyards and the greatest of care is taking in the winery to ensure the fruit grown each year is given every opportunity to fulfil its promise. Brother Jacky is primarily in charge of the wine making, while Maurice tends to the vines, together crafting wines that put them within the very, very top echelon of producers along with the likes of Trimbach, Humbrecht, Weinbach and Ostertag.