Anselma Giacomo

The estate Anselma Giacomo was founded in the early twentieth century and since then the tradition in winemaking has been maintained. It is currently managed by the son of Giaculin Anselma, Franco, and his wife Maria. The passion and knowledge in traditional¬† winemaking was handed down from generation to generation. The Anselma family owns vineyards in the area of Serralunga d’Alba, one of the most prestigious territory in the Langhe where the soil is calcareous clay and where the mild climate is intertwined with the area and has a positively influence on the quality of the grapes. The land we own is part of the famous VignaRionda vineyard, a “Premier Grand Cru” to use a bit of French. Much attention is above all paid to the work in the vineyard from the perspective that great wines are produced only from grapes of excellent quality. Maintaining the richness of the earth requires very much work and a lot of passion.