A small, family-owned house that always produces high-quality Champagne of great finesse, Billecart-Salmon is particularly renowned for the delicate style of its rosé, which accounts for one in every five bottles it sells. The essence of the Billecart-Salmon style has always been its meticulous production. TOM STEVENSON

The Billecart-Salmon house style is defined by class, elegance, and a sublime freshness to the wines. Long fermentations at cold temperatures with no malolactic fermentation are the rule at this small, family-owned property in Mareuil-sur-Ay. I also had a chance to re-taste the 2000 Brut Cuvee Elisabeth Salmon 2000 Brut Cuvee Nicolas Francois Billecart (reviewed last year). Both wines showed beautifully. ANTONIO GALLONI, Wine Advocate 2009