Bruno Rocca

The Rocca family have long owned land and sold fruit from their home plot on the celebrated cru of Rabaja but it wasn’t until the 1978 when Bruno Rocca decided to start making his own wines and bottling them under the eponymous label. From that moment on the family has grown to become one of the best producers from the zone expanding their holding and their reputation along the way. The first “wave” of production adhered closely to the tenents of the “modern school” of winemaking and within that paradigm the Rocca wines were exemplars and even today, within the context of a more tempered approach those wines are still holding enough fruit weight and expression to buffer the oak treatment.

However, fast forward to today and the next generation (Francesco and Luisa) are taking the wines in a dfferent direction with a tempering of the modern style in line with thier own, and its has to be said, the prevailing thinking more generally. To that end, he has moved longer and slower fermentations, less new and smaller oak in place of larger casks. The resulting wines are more classic but the retention of some barrique also gives a nod to the past and the splicing of the two philosophies is perfectly handled.

The wines of note are of course the normale Barbaresco and the venerable Rabaja but their “lesser lights” from Dolcetto and Barbera are always superb expressions.  

This is an address that continues to evolve -as it always has – with confidence and intelligence underpinning any new developments. PWS