Capçanes (pronounced Cap-sar-ness) is in DO Montsant, which surrounds the more famous and more expensive DOQ Priorat. The village of Capçanes is in the south-eastern corner of the Comarca Priorat. Capçanes is, and isn’t, a co-op winery. Capçanes is both the name of a small Montsant village, south-east of the region’s main town, Falset, and also the name of its wine co-op. 190 hectares (pre-phylloxera there were 1,000 ha of Capçanes under vine) are controlled by 75 growers and represents about 10% of the DO’s total production. About half is organic, with more vineyards converted to such each year. Yields are as little as 12 hl/ha on the centenary Garnacha vines, which account for 55% of the co-ops holdings, and another 20% is Samsó.