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Charlotte Dalton Wines
Adelaide Hills

Young Gun of Wine 2017 Top 12
Cut her teeth at Craggy Range in New Zealand before stints in Bordeaux, California, before work bought her to South Australia and she fell in love with the Adelaide Hills. Her current wines are her second release. Try her 2016 “Love You Love Me” Adelaide Hills Semillon. Charlotte’s got a thing for Semillon, and it’s rare to find in the Adelaide Hills.

Who was the first person you told when you found out you were among the Top 50 young guns of wine?

I did, of course, tell my partner. He said “fuck yeah” then we carried on playing with grapes…

What did you do to celebrate, or what did you drink to celebrate, or did life continue uninterrupted?
I went about my day walking vineyards and pressing grapes feeling pretty damn happy. I would have had a Negroni or 2 if I wasn’t 7 months pregnant!

What is your winemaking mantra? OR Do you have a favourite quote about wine or winemaking?
Go gently, respect the grapes the wine and all the people, and do it with love.

What are your 3 favourite wines right now? Why?
I haven’t really indulged in wine since November but I am really liking what I am seeing in my friend’s tanks and barrels from the 2017 vintage. I think we are in for a treat, all that lovely slow ripening and flavour development. I’m excited.

You’re in it to win it now… have you ever won anything before?
I won an egg and spoon race on my Shetland pony when I was about 6. And I always win wrestling matches at home, I suspect my partner lets me, but I like to think it’s my own special invented wrestling moves, the ice drop with a twist is my current favorite.