Clemens Busch

A pioneer among German growers for embracing organic viticulture in 1984, Clemens Busch had by then been working for nearly a decade alongside his father (another Clemens). Busch and his wife Rita have been farming biodynamically for a decade and have in recent years mentored and inspired numerous other growers both in Germany and abroad (including the StagÄrds of Krems-Stein, whose wines I have recently been praising to the skies). DAVID SCHILDKNECHT

2015 was “a super vintage,” says Clemens Busch. “We had a perfect vegetation period and a perfect autumn. The flowering was early but very good, with just a bit of color. The summer was hot and dry but in September we had a bit of rainfall, which was perfect for the grapes. The wines have high extracts and ripe acidities, are concentrated and very clear. I prefer a leaner, purer, fresher and stimulating style for our grands crus, though,” explains Clemens. There have been many great 2015s produced at Clemens Busch. STEPHEN REINHARDT, The Wine Advocate