Shaun Crinion
Dappled Wines – Yarra Valley , Yarra Yalley

Young Gun of Wine 2018 Top 12

1. What got you into wine?
Being raised on the Sunshine Coast QLD, there’s not a huge amount of wine culture!
During a planned surf trip through California and Mexico I snagged a vintage job with my winemaker Uncle at a small winery on the central coast of California. It was my first taste of wine and winemaking, I was hooked.

2. Which of your wines best defines what you’re about? (Tell us why too.)
I have no idea what I’m about, so I guess I’ll let my wines do the talking.

3. With wine, what’s next?
For Dappled, Leasing/buying/planting vineyards…. focusing on biodynamic and organic practices
In general, to see more and more diversity in Australian wine styles with focus on regionality and drinkability.

4. What is your winemaking mantra? OR Do you have a favourite quote about wine or winemaking?
Slow and painstakingly!

5. What wine lesson – or winemaking lesson – did you learn the hard way?
Wet socks and 15 hour shifts = freaking sore feet!

6. What are your 3 favourite wines right now? Why?
*Aussie Chardonnay – Because it’s the shit!
*15’ JJ Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett (Riesling) – Breakfast wine
*15 Ruggabellus Solumodo – So freaking interesting and tasty.

7. What song is the soundtrack to your life; what wine is the winetrack? (Tell us why too.)
Powderfinger – “like a dog”
No 9-5 days for me – screw that!…..”If you treat me like a dog and keep me locked in a cage, I’m not relaxed or comfortable, I’m aggravation and shame”

Winetrack – Chardonnay: – Fat… Skinny….Fat…Skinny…The funk soul brother. Check it out now!!

8. What’s your favourite TV show… and what’s the perfect wine to drink with it? (Don’t forget to tell us why.)
Stranger Things…Lamoresca Vino Bianco (Freaky – but bloody amazing)

9. You are, in one word… Cruisy