This is one of 3 estates from the family of Alvaro Palacios. Alvaro’s personally named estate is the leading producer of the great Priorat region south-east of Barcelona. The family ‘home’ (viticulturally) is in the one great Rioja Baja estate, Palacios Remondo. The Bierzo project is their latest. The ‘descendientes’ (descendants) are Alvaro and his nephew, Ricardo Perez Palacios; both are descendants of Alvaro’s dad, Jose who died in 2000, just as this project was getting started. The winery is in the village of Vilafranca de Bierzo, below the mountain town of Corullón. Descendientes de J.Palacios commenced in 1999. DJP Mencias are produced at several levels: a regional Bierzo wine – Pétalos, the village wine – Corullón (name of the main wine town with the best sites) partnered by three single-vineyard wines exploring the mystery and charm of specific sites above Corullón: Moncerbal, Las Lamas and La Faraona. There were two other single-vineyards released in earlier years, namely Fontelas and San Martin, but these have ceased, with Ricardo and Alvaro admirably preferencing quality fruit to the village wine, Corullón. THE SPANISH ACQUISITION