Geyer Wine Co

David Geyer
Geyer Wine Co. – Barossa & Eden Valley

1. What got you into wine?
I got into wine after working in the vineyards during my first two harvests and realising, that these winery people just had way more fun and drank a bunch of cool wines, and I had to get a piece of that!

2. Which of your wines best defines what you’re about? (Tell us why too.)
I think our Geyer 2017 Semillion best defines us as it focuses on a single variety but picked from three separate ancient vineyards with diametrically opposite characteristics in soil and flavour profiles, and pushed in the winery to a level unfamiliar for Barossa Semillion.

3. With wine, what’s next?
With wine I think its about what’s next in the innovation of viticulture, that will allow winemakers to seen a higher quality of fruit more often that will make way for an epic level of experimentation (vessel, maceration, oxidation) in the winery with pure unicorn wines the result.

4. What is your winemaking mantra? OR Do you have a favourite quote about wine or winemaking?
‘If you keep playing with it, it will fall off!!’ Less is more, the more you intervene with your wine, the less it will look like it really should!

5. What wine lesson – or winemaking lesson – did you learn the hard way?
You can’t make great wine out of bad grapes. Good quality grapes are the building blocks for quality juice and there’s no way around that!

6. What are your 3 favourite wines right now? Why?
a.) Testalonga ‘Keep on Punching’ Chenin Blanc – Craig Hawkins is just a master and producing smart, punchy wines from epic old vines in the Swartland and this one is a perfect example. Super fun and drinkable!
b.) Dard et Ribo 2010 Hermitage – anything that these lads put out is pure gold, high toned aromatic Syrah with crunchy acid and dark fruit for days but without any overly oppressive alcohol.
c.) Domaine Benoit Courault Le Pitit Chemin 2010 – Really high on the Chenin train coming into to the warmer weather with this rad little number from the Loire. Fruit purity for days and green apple acid to keep you coming back for more!

7. What song is the soundtrack to your life; what wine is the winetrack? (Tell us why too.)
The Offspring, Bad Habit – a song that just pumps you right up when deep in vintage, heading for a surf or road tripping.
Winetrack – Ballers – anything with bubbles, Malvasia skin contact preferably, because we all want to feel gangster while watching Ballers!

8. What’s your favourite TV show… and what’s the perfect wine to drink with it? (Don’t forget to tell us why.)
Stranger Things…Lamoresca Vino Bianco (Freaky – but bloody amazing)

9. You are, in one word… Mellow

10. What’s your desert island wine?
Matassa Cuvée Romanissa 2003 – this wine is just the shit!! No equals!