Giant Steps

Steve Flamsteed of Giant Steps (Recent winner of the Gourmet Traveler Winemaker of the year) is a bit of an oddity in the wine world, in the best possible way. He began his career as a chef who went on to make cheese before finally deciding to give wine-making a crack. The combination means the man just gets flavour, he really understands what works and what goes with food. He also seems to have a natural talent for squishing and fermenting grapes. His focus has always been on highlighting some of the special sites in the Yarra and allowing the vineyards to speak clearly in the bottle. To make this happen the various single vineyard wines are made in exactly the same way so the subtle differences you see are a reflection of the ‘terroir’ not artifice. While he has won a swag of top flight awards and trophies for his wines over recent years he never seems to be content and always looking how to improve the following vintage, the best possible trait in a vigneron. ROSCOE HALLIGAN