Grace Wines

Grace. It doesn’t sound like a Japanese winery.

Owned and operated by the Misawa family, it was named after the three graces of ancient myth. The name is certainly handy from an exporting viewpoint: it’s easy for non-Japanese to pronounce and remember. Coincidentally, Grace is also the most visible Japanese wine in Australia. Grace wines (tastings) are well known around the world and the winemaker, Ayana Misawa (pictured above with Shigekazu Misawa), speaks perfect English, studied winemaking in Bordeaux and has worked the vintage at various wineries outside Japan, including three in Australia: Brokenwood (tastings), Woodlands (tasting) and Hardy’s (tasting).

Her speciality is the native Japanese white grape koshu, which makes an extremely delicate, subtle dry wine. Indeed, it is so delicate that it invites comparison with Japan’s more famous alcoholic drink, sake. As with sake – it’s often said – the most prized attributes are lightness, refinement and subtlety. HUON HOOKE