I met with Pedro Rodríguez from Guímaro and toured the amazing vineyards of Ribeira Sacra. On top of their old vineyards they have recently cleaned, terraced and planted a new vineyard on a steep slope in Amandi, a huge work only achievable with modern machinery, so it’s mindboggling to think how the old vineyards with their walled terraces were built in the past. This is one of the “go to” names if you’re wondering what all the fuss about Ribeira Sacra is about. Raúl Pérez helps with the wines and also produces his Ribeira Sacra reds from vineyards belonging to the Rodríguez family which are fermented and aged in their cellars. Similarly, Niepoort from Douro in Portugal produces one impressive red form one of their vineyards, Ladredo. Pérez and Niepoort’s wines were also tasted and are found in their respective entries in this article. 2012 is probably the best vintage at this address so far. Stay tuned! LOUIS GUTIERREZ