Hudelot-Noëllat has been given a new sense of energy since Charles Van Canneyt took the helm. I remember drinking their wines regularly in the late 1990s; they were enjoyable but rustic, a bit hit-and-miss. Now there is greater refinement and complexity, greater purity of fruit and the sophistication one expects from such an enviable array of Premier and Grand Crus.  NEAL MARTIN

Charles Hudelot arrived at the domaine to take over from his grandfather Alain in 2008, assisted also by Vincent Munier who has been working there since 2005. There is no intention to deviate from the previous style of fine, fragrant wines however. JASPER MORRIS MW

This is definitely one of the top domaines in Burgundy, for when Hudelot’s top wines are on song, they are truly magnificent. These are wines of great flair and concentration: full, opulent and multidimensional. CLIVE COATES MW, The Wines of Burgundy 

Since taking over the family estate Charles has continued to make strides towards true greatness with every vintage under his belt we see a little more refinement in what were already gorgeous wines. The house style he has built on is one of finesse, elegance and site specificity. His wines often have a delicate plushness (within the context of their specific sites and communes) and aromatically they lean toward detail and high toned fruit/florals. Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects to the wines is their texture and supportive phenolic elements owed to Charles cautious extraction and tannin management. These are wines that capture you, they can be beguiling with their lighter framework and enticing, bright, clear fruit profiles but never be fooled in to believing they don’t grow in to their true glory with appropriate age. Hudelot-Noellat remains one of my favourite estates in Vosne.  ROSCOE