Silvio Jermann has a reputation for making Italy’s some of Italy’s best white wines. It’s a deserved reputation, in my view…What impresses me most about these wines is the purity and depth of flavour coupled with huge mineral extract, all perfectly poised and in balance. JAMIE GOODE, The Wine Anorak

While many wine snobs look down their noses at Pinot Grigio the best of the breed, made by some of Italy’s greatest producers, provide an extra dimension of depth, minerality and interest that is hard not to take seriously. Perhaps the premier zone of production is the Colli Orientalli area of Friuli in Italy’s far North-East. The area benefits from the proximity to the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea; the former provides shelter from Alpine storms and the latter aids ripening via the moderating maritime influence. These factors coupled with the unique soil of the area known locally as Ponca (marl and sandstone) produces wines of intensity, minerality and depth.That’s why its in this area you’ll find Italy’s most famous white wine makers. Names like Felluuga, Princic and of course Silvio Jermann.