Rene Rostaing

René Rostaing tells me he thinks of 2016 as “the definition of Côte-Rôtie. The vintage personality is made of finesse, freshness and detail, with power but not weight.” He finds the wines to be “fine but not delicate, or fragile at all” and thinks they will age gracefully “but be attractive throughout their lives, without ever really closing up.” While Rostaing respects 2015 for its “depth, power and structure” he believes “2016 to be a truer Côte-Rôtie vintage” because of the aforementioned freshness and elegance, attributes that “make the appellation unique in the northern Rhône.” Rostaing adds “ripe vintages may make impressive wines but too often they obscure terroir and finesse.” Note that because of the quality of the 2016 vintage Rostaing made the La Viallière bottling for the first time since 1986. Up until now all of the fruit went into the Ampodium. There is also a ’16 Côte-Brune, which had only been bottled by itself in 2013. JOSH RAYNOLDS