The Other Right

Alex Schulkin & Galit Shachaf
The Other Right
Adelaide Hills

Young Gun of Wine 2017 Top 50
Alex came to Australia to study winemaking in Adelaide. His day job is as a scientist at Wine Australia. Along with wife Galit, Alex started The Other Right in 2012. They’re making natural wines, so by day Alex is making the rules as a scientist and at night, breaking them as a natural winemaker. PPet-nats make around half their range.

The Other Right
The name ‘The Other Right’ started as a family joke after Galit found it challenging to distinguish between right and left, giving directions with shouts like “Not This right, the Other right!!!”.

It also resonates with us as The Other Right stands for an alternative. ‘Right’ is a subjective concept. Having heard many times of the right way (in life, winemaking, you name it) but believing there is more than right and wrong, we started making wine under The Other Right label in 2012. We love making people see things differently. We love a challenge. We love creating things that push the boundaries and are exciting, yet simple and approachable. Most of all we’re trying to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.

Our wines are an expression of us; sometimes a little rough on the edges, full of contradictions. They carry our thoughts, passions, dreams, foot and hand print. We see them as living things; untamed, happy and free spirited.

We would love to think that when you drink our wine, you’re a part of our world.

Our approach is a seemingly lazy one. Winemaking operations are kept to the reasonable minimum. No unnecessary action is taken. Using fewer tools and hardly any machines requires a lot of attention to detail, patience, creativity and problem solving. No additives are being used, letting the wine evolve slowly, according to its natural rhythm. Youth and freshness are to shine through, forming wine that is wild, vigorous and full of life.

Our grapes are sourced from around the Adelaide Hills with the exception of a wild-grown Shiraz we found and fell in love with in Sellicks Hills. As from vintage 2016 all of our fruit is coming from vineyards who are managed by organic and sustainable farming practices.