Tripe Iscariot

Remi Guise
Margaret River

Young Gun of Wine 2017 Top 12
I started tripe.Iscariot for two reasons: the first is a fairly typical lifelong dream for a winemaker, to own and drive my own wine label, thus being able to make whatever creative or philosophical decisions I want in order to make wines that mean something to me. The second was, as a wine buyer, an almost all-encompassing boredom with the limited and homogenous range of wines and styles in more affordable price ranges in the modern market.

The idea was simple: make something that inspires me and at the same time offers the modern wine drinker an alternative, and if I’m lucky: affect some change and help make heterogeneity in the wine more common. Thus tripe.Iscariot was born.

As a winemaker I’ve spent a great deal of time tasting purified juices and the purified wines that are made from them. I’ve also spent a great deal of time chewing on skins, cracking seeds between my teeth and sucking on stalks, forcing me to ask: “Why are we getting rid of all this flavour?”. Nose to tail eating has always held a special place in my heart, and the concept is very much the same: use every part of the beast to make the most interesting, complex and truly nourishing meals.

Throw both ideas into the cauldron and you have tripe.Iscariot: “Berry to Stalk” winemaking, using “The Whole Beast” and crafting wines which seek to challenge and change the status quo. The rest was easy, I already lived and worked in Margaret River, one of the most interesting and developing wine regions in Australia and the world, synonymous with seriously high quality wine and a climate almost too good to be true.

The varieties I have chosen to use are not only grapes I happen to enjoy working with, and wines I enjoy drinking, but are varieties I believe are most subject to being caught in the “style-stasis” of the modern wine market.
Each wine has had the tripe.Iscariot concept specifically and uniquely applied to it in order to work with that grape’s natural characteristics and to explore new realms of flavour and texture within the resulting wine.

Remi Guise
I was born and raised in the Cape Province of South Africa. After finishing a degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University I dove right into the world of wine, first with vintages in South Africa and then making the jump to Margaret River. I was lucky enough to get my first Australian vintage position with Bruce Dukes at Naturaliste Vintners, which offered me the unique opportunity of woking with some of the best fruit from across Western Australia, and more specifically the various sub-regions of Margaret River. This massive array of different fruit parcels, different price points, different wine business models, and of coarse different brand identities and personalities, captured me and I have thus never left. I’ve worked my way up from vintage casual to Winemaker, working directly under Bruce and directly with our premium client base and all matter of production, style and quality driven goals.

It was working with so many fruit sources, understanding the different sub-regional potentials of varieties, and my own personal desire to change how people see different varieties and styles, and indeed Margaret River, that helped me take the plunge and vinify and bottle my own wines in 2013.

Since then I have formed an enduring relationship with my distributor, The Drinkwell Philosophy, who have help me get my wines in front of the cream of the retail and on premise crop in the state, and over – east.

The next chapter of my branded wine journey starts now, with an increase in production for 2017 and a bigger and more concerted push into the Eastern States.