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French Drinking Dozen - May 2020

French Drinking Dozen - May 2020
Selected by Myles Thomson

France is an incredibly diverse country and one that offers a plethora of great drinking at all levels. From its balmy southern shores, warm and verdant interior to the cool limits of its northern hills there is truly something for everyone.

This mixed dozen offers up a selection of some of our favourite producers, regions and varieties as well as up-and-coming winemakers and dark horses you may not have heard of. We have tried to include a little snap-shot of the state of play from this wonderful vinous country.

Each month this will be updated as we see great new wines, vintages and the latest and greatest to hit our shores. At 15%-20% off or more, this a great way to explore France offering exceptional value and delicious drinking.

Don't forget to check back often to see the latest version of the French Drinking Dozen.