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Italian Drinking Dozen - July 2020 PART II

Italian Drinking Dozen - July 2020 PART II
Selected by Myles Thomson

Looking at a map of Italy it is incredible to think about the diversity and distinctiveness of the wines that hail from its multitude of often breathtaking terroirs. The numerous and assorted climates from the warm southern coasts, the high altitudes of its northern reaches and all in between, provide a canvas for a majestic array of wine.

Add to that, Italy’s wine scene is as exciting as it has ever been with an assortment of indigenous varieties and wine styles that we are only just beginning to appreciate. This is a great way to explore all that this ancient country has to offer.

Each month this will be updated as we see great new wines, new vintages and the latest and greatest to hit our shores. At 15%-20% off or more, this a great way to explore Italy offering exceptional value and delicious drinking.

Don’t forget to check back often to see what the latest version of the Italian Drinking Dozen has installed for you.