Inkwell Blonde on Blonde Viognier 2016

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Wonder if the wowsers have had a go at this name, alongside the d’Arenberg Old Bloke and The Three Young Blondes? Maybe they just like Dylan, in this case. This has been a star Australian viognier over its youngish life span. Left to rest on lees for a spell, the wine has just under 10% see extended skin contact now too. Building in complexity. Everything judiciously thrown at it. It’s worked. Complexity/interest to price ratio is out of control.
Crams a lot in for the viognier lover. Entices in the lover of complex, interesting white wines. Smells of apricot kernel, just ripe peach, dried apple, cashews. In the palate, powerful yet not overwhelming. A trance-like ride of just ripe stone fruit nectars, chewy in texture, very, very long in carriage of flavour. Gentle sweetness then the savoury rush rolls in and drags you away. It’s a wine that defies and yet defines the scope of the variety. It’s very, very good.  MIKE BENNIE March 2016