Super Tuscan 6-Pack 2017

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In the early 1970s a group of Tuscan producers set out to challenge the wine laws they believed enshrined mediocrity via a prescriptive and oft times corrupt DOC system. Stepping outside these rules meant two things: they could do whatever they wanted and weren't bound by the DOC/G system but it also meant the wines were technically classified as lowly Vino da Tavola or common table wines. Very quickly this pioneering group of wines became internationally famous for the startling level of quality from a region and country that many had consigned to a producer of "jug wine". Moreover, when Hugh Johnson famously exclaimed that these were not Tuscan wine (as they knew them) but they were Super Tuscans, they dye was set. Names like Tignanello, Cepparello, Sassicaia and the like set Italy on a path of quality that continues today in every region.

This pack pays homage to that genre of wines (and we hastily point out that the moniker Super Tuscan is not really relevent anymore given the changes to laws and general levels of quality in Tuscany) with a 6-pack featuring some of the originals inlcuding Tignanello, Cepparello, Poggio Scallette Il Carbonnaione and Felsina Fontalloro alingside some of the more recent stars like Duemani 'Duemani' and Grattmacco. This is a super-premium half dozen carrying a 15% discount to shelf prices. Perfect for starting a serious Italian collection or simply stocking the cellar with some of the world's graetest wines.
Super Tuscan Premium 6-Pack