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June Premium 6-pack 2019 - Winter Warmers

June Premium 6-pack 2019 - Winter Warmers
Selected by Prince Wine & Spirits

This months Premium 6 pack is a power pack of superstars and winter reds that will keep you cosy all night long. We start with the Marchesi Alfieri 'Alfiera' Barbera d'Asti 2015 a barrel aged, premium Barbera from this historic and respected house in Asti. Best fruit and new and old barrels and a beautiful clothe  of vanillan oak that gentles underlies the concentrated fruit and adds some light structure to the otherwise low tannin Barberra. This wine is difficult to get right and while few can do it justice even fewer can make it this good. The two bothers at Diego & Damiano have produced a wonderful Barolo in 2013 and its is sitting beautifully right now. A lovely blend of modern and traditional from a forward and warm vintage that present with savoury meatiness and sweet fruits – all you could want from classic Barolo.

From France we have two classic wines from Châteauneuf and Bordeaux. The Belgrave 2015 is classic Medoc that presents with a smokey nose and earthiness balance by rich dark fruits. It looks great now but will have a lovely futures ahead of it. While Bordeaux is a sea of wine we often find that makes it all the harder to find really great value but Belgrave just proves you don’t have take out a loan to drink great Bordeaux. From down south we have a new Acquisition by legend Guigals. They recently purchased Chateau Nalys and we are excited to have them in store. This is their ‘entry’ level wine and if this a taste of things to come we are excited.

For another Euro classic we have the Vina Olbarri Gran Reserva 2010. This Tempranillo blend is classic old school Rioja with a deft and fresh touch. The extra time in oak gives this such a beautiful smokey-leathery background to its dark and firm fruit. We opened this recently for a wine course and were all stoked at what it revealed. Aged and ready to go for you this is a fantastic wine. Last but not least something a little fun from the boys at Dunn. In 2003 Mike and Kara Dunn created Retro cellar concentrating on unusually Petite Sirah. One from the historic Park Muscatine Vineyard on Howell Mountain, and a Napa Valley Petite Sirah from the valley floor. While these are rich, powerful and blockbuster wines as you would expect they are beautifully made and maintain freshness and vibrancy.


Well I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold winter night then pulling the cork on a few of these bad-boys. We hope you enjoy it too!