Allies Cinq a Sept Vermouth

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Cinq a Sept is French vernacular for the aperitif time of day. For the uninitiated, Vermouth is a wine based fortified aperitif typically having elements of herb, spice, citrus and bitterness. Most often the wine plays second fiddle to the recipe but with Cinq a Sept it shares equal billing. Expect fresh raspberry fruit laced with refreshing herbs, exotic spice and mild bitterness. Great on ice with a slice of orange or grapefruit, longer with a dash of soda or as a bit player in cocktails like Negroni. ALLIES

I am totally in love with this product! Why? Because its flippin delicious! Pinot Based vermouth from the man behind Allies David 'Chappy' Chappman. He has just nailed it with this bright, bitter, summery drink. The subtle sweetness is beautifully balanced against the bitter citrus notes and the whole thing just sings. Of course, it's begging for a Negroni but this is so good I would just splash it on some ice with a citrus twist of your choice and a dash of soda. Enough said. MYLES, PWS