Anne Sophie Dubois Les Cocottes Fleurie 2016

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Anne-Sophie Dubois, a young and highly studious Champagne native, has emerged as one of the most exciting producers of Beaujolais. Her domaine consists of 8 hectares of densely planted vineyards (up to 10,000 vines per hectare) in the secluded, granitic upper reaches of Fleurie, which is also where her home and her winery and gravity cellar are located. She settled into her winemaking role here in 2007 after stints in Champagne and in Volnay, at Domaine Roblet-Monnot, and she makes her wines by the Burgundy method, with destemmed grapes, an extended cold soak and fermentations with native yeasts followed by élevage in wooden casks of varying size, none of them new. There's no fining and no filtration, but she is not averse to "as little as possible sulfur if absolutely needed." These are wines that will reward patience, although they are hardly standoffish when young, especially with a little air time. Josh Raynolds, August 2016