Boatrocker Alpha Queen Pale Ale 330ml

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

Decanting into a glass the Alpha Queen is clear amber colour with an off white head that stands around 1cm tall. The smell is bountiful with intense pine, toffee and grapefruit aromas predominating. On the palate the hops start mild tricking the drinker into thinking that is all there is, but around the halfway mark they kick in with a no holds barred attack before subsiding to a assertive yet mildly bitter after taste. Grass, spice and citrus ( mostly grapefruit ) are the main flavours noticed from the hops, with caramel and biscuit malt acting as a base to keep the bitterness in check. Very refreshing, unbeatable on a hot summer day,leaves the drinker hanging for a second. Would be awesome to enjoy with a nice big steak or similar.

This highly hopped ale offers lager drinkers some additional flavour without heading into IPA territory. It remains an easy drinking beer, with a touch more piney and grapefruit aroma and flavour than most lagers, and with a well balanced slightly bitter finish. PWS Essendon

5.0% ABV
35 IBU

The Alpha Queen is a classic American style pale ale., loaded with citrus hops. Well balanced malt and hop profile with loads of dry hopping give this beer a wonderful hop character.