Contratto ‘For England’ Pas Dosé

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Contratto have long been one of Italy's greatest sparkling wine houses. Located in Canelli in Piemonte, they have been making sparkling wines for the better part of 150 years. Unfortunately, as the star of Franciacorta has risen and sweeter example of Asti-based spumante have become more widely associated with the region, venerable houses like Contratto have faded from the public view to some degree. Enter, Giorgio Minetti of La Spinetta fame and via passion and good marketing he has re-energised the label. The quality of the wines was never in doubt so all they needed was a little push!

The "For England" is 100% pinot noir and has zero dosage (no sugar addition). The wine has always been our favourite in the range showing lovey red berry aromatics paired with a bright and textured palate. PWS