Express Winemakers Drinking Wine Red 2016

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
The name couldn’t be more apt. Sure, we all know that you drink wine, but some wine is for drinking, if ya get my gist. Grenache and malbec in a holy duo destined for chugging with a chill. That being said, more than meets the eye. Grenache was produced two ways, one portion a bit like rose and the other as a table wine. Blended back with 10% malbec. Super tasty. Not quite the right bottle shot here, but close.

I’ll stutter, super tasty. It’s wonderfully perfumed showing rose petal, game meat, red cherry, lavender. The palate is joyous, gently sweet but peppered with spice, almost corduroy in texture but shows a bristling acid edge that keeps the wine perky and fresh. There’s stacks going on for those wanting to swirl in big glasses, but I’m taking this wine down in a tumbler in big gulps. MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front 2017