Guimaro Joven Mencia 2016

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

The young and unoaked Mencía red is ready the 2016 Guímaro. It adds complexity with diverse soils, orientations and also different ways of fermenting—some full clusters and others destemmed, some pumped over and others not. The wine was then blended and kept with lees for four months. This is fruit-driven, fresh and easy to drink. This 2016 resulted in a very fresh wine, with fruit from the Miño and other cooler zones and the natural conditions of the year. They lost volume, but the quality is surprisingly high. They have just purchased some used oak vats to age part of this wine in future vintages. Opening the source of grapes, they managed to keep the volumes to the usual 80,000 bottles. LUIS GUTIERREZ,