Laherte Freres Les Sept Cepages NV

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
Dosage 4 g/l. Sort of solera system. This blend of no fewer than seven different varieties is based on 2010.
Impressively complete nose. Real depth and complexity. Very much a wine that demands attention. It just happens to have bubbles. Bravo! April 2015

One of the most striking wines of the (Laherte Freres) portfolio is Les 7 (formerly labeled as "Les Clos"), a single-vineyard field blend of seven different varieties that are picked and pressed together. The exact composition of the plantings in this parcel are as follows: 10 percent fromenteau, 8 percent arbanne, 14 percent pinot noir, 18 percent chardonnay, 17 percent pinot blanc, 18 percent meunier and 15 percent petit meslier. While the nose is still youthfully restrained, the aromas turn more pungently expressive on the palate, with the cool, cucumbery, almost pine-like character of arbanne and petit meslier prominently present. It's perfectly balanced, underlined by a vibrant note of stony minerality and enlivened by crisp acidity that elongates the flavors on the finish. This is a wine of striking individuality of character, and it's extremely successful in navigating a balance between the assertiveness of the heirloom varieties. PETER LIEM