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November Premium Packs - Spring Drinking... With a Twist

November Premium Packs - Spring Drinking... With a Twist
Selected by Myles Thomson

We are following suit with this month's November premium pack and this will be Australia vs France in an epic clash! Like the November dozen we have paired up a couple of classic French regions and pitted them against their Aussie counterparts. This will be a battle Royale for the ages! Well at least while spring lasts. This is a delicious selection and we think its going to be hard to decide who's going to come out on top. But like they say, its about the competition not who wins and in this case we wholeheartedly agree because the only way to decided is to drink your way through this pack.

Trimbach Reserve Riesling 2015 vs Crawford River Riesling 2018

Oh boy. What a comp. Two powerhouses of the Riesling world battle it out for top honours. The best thing about this match up is they are both dry style and elegantly proportioned. For those of you who may not have tried Crawford Rivers Rielsing they are the best combination of Aussie fruit and richness impeccably styled in a firm and focused frame. What is there to say about Trimbach? The classics are a classic for a reason. Its all beautiful flinty, tree fruits and mineraly goodness with Alsace's famous slate soils shining through.

Buisson Batteaux Meursault VV 2016 vs By Farr Chardonnay 2017

Burgundy Brawl Part I - This little header will be an interesting match-up. We went with Meursault, the richest and fullest of the Burgundy communes to go up against the full and rich style Farr Chardonnay. But don't be fooled both pull off a beautiful mineraly, acid line that keeps the succulent fruits in check on both these wines. All the things that make these wines so different is all the things that make these wines so good. What will be your favourite? It could be tougher than you think.

JL & Eric Burguet Gevrey Symphone 2016 vs Chatto Pinot 2018

Burgundy Brawl Part II - Now for the reds. This is another interesting match-up again but for slightly different reasons. Burgundy is all about site and while the Symphone is all from Gevrey Chambertin it is actually a blend from 23 different plots. The Chatto however is all one single vineyard from Tassie by local legend Jim Chatto. We thought this was kinda neat, matching up a multi- plot, single commune blend from Burgundy against a single vineyard Pinot from Aus. These are both fantastic wines from awesome producers. Stiff competition from both sides of the sea.