Podere Le Boncie Le Trame Sangiovese 2015

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

The winemaking here is very traditional with fermentation taking place in large open topped wooden fermenters with no temperature control with no addition of yeasts and let to ferment at its own pace. The cap is regularly broken with the traditional Tuscan ‘bustone’ and the wine spends a lengthy time on its skins before being it is racked off to traditional large Slavonian botte until it is ready to be bottled. The wine is then bottled with a tiny amount of sulphur and left to settle. The 2008 is a classic from Giovanna and it mirrors the site and the growing season perfectly.

The nose is a complex mix of morello cherry, Tuscan herb, lavender and old leather. The palate is fine boned with chalk like tannin providing the backbone and a line of driving acidity perfectly framing the wine. The wine is delicate, fine and ethereal and incredibly complex. Only 600 bottles of this great wine make it to Australia and this is first time in many years it has been offered in this country. ADDLEY CLARKE