Tenuta Aglaea Etna Rosso Thalia 2015

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
It is often stated that a good wine has characteristics of the region  the grapes are grown in, be it the minerally freshness of Chablis coming from the chalk, or the red smokiness of the slate in Mosel Riesling. What makes this wine 'Thalia' great is that this representation of place is undeniable. High up on the slopes of Mount Enta on the Italian Island of Sicily, Nerello Mascalese is grown in mineral rich volcanic soils. The soil made up eruptive materials such of lava, sand and ash along with the altitude restrict the vigour of the vine producing a concentrated yet vibrant refreshing red.  This wine is gentle and soft yet with great purity and length, the perfect summer drinking red. ALEX WILCOX PWS