Rudi Pichler Riesling Federspiel 2014

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

Picking for this was very late for its genre, but in the high-elevation terraces that dominate this bottling, must weights remained very modest, resulting in what a time traveler visiting from the 1980s would recognize as normal Federspiel and I perceive as delightfully buoyant yet palpably extract-rich. Aromatic notes of spruce resin, celery seed and marine minerality set the stage for a palate impression of fresh lime brightness. Resinous pungency, alkalinity, zesty piquancy, stoniness and salinity lead to a finish that would count as austere were it not simultaneously so mouthwatering and its acidity so animating. “This Federspiel is so minerally thanks to the rain” and consequent high extract, relates Rudi Pichler, “that it failed the official test [for approval as Qualitätswein] twice: ‘not varietally typical.’” DAVID SCHILDKNECHT, 2016