Sierra Nevada Stout

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
 Sierra Nevada’s Stout pours out of the bottle black with slight ruby highlights in the light and a creamy, dark khaki head. The aroma has strong notes of roasted barley along with dark bitter chocolate, heavily roasted coffee and almond. This is a medium-full bodied stout with a creamy mouthfeel. The flavor starts with some dark chocolate and light roasted barley notes. In the middle there is some coffee, then the finish features stronger roasted notes along with touches of piney hops and sugar. The aftertaste has traces of more roasted barley, pine and molasses. The hop flavor (in this case, the pine) becomes more prominent as you drink, which is a nice treat, as in many stouts, the hops get overpowered by the roasty and dark malt flavors.
    This is a really nice stout from Sierra Nevada. It’s not one of those amazing imperial stouts that you could sip for hours and analyze all the nuances of the flavor, but it is a solidly flavored drinkable ale, perfect for session drinking. You get the flavors you want from a stout (roasted barley, coffee, chocolate) along with a bonus prize of some pleasant hop flavor. THERULINGGLASS.BLOGSPOT.COM.AU