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South African 6 Pack 2020

South African 6 Pack 2020
Selected by Myles Thomson

David & Jeanette Clarke are the two legends behind the Ex-animo importers here in Australia. Their collection of 'new-wave' and modern styled South African wines is second to none. And while we don't see a ton of South African wine in Australia we consider ourselves lucky that these two have made such a concerted effort to bring us this vinous gold.

Like Australia South Africa is in the grips of the global pandemic and they are currently in even harsher lockdowns then Australia. This has left David & Nadia stuck at home with very little ability to get the word out about there fantastic portfolio.

We have been big fans of what they do for some time and we thought given the situation what better way to help our out great big, global wine family then to offer a cheeky little taster pack of some of our favourite wines.

AA Badenhorst Family Wines are grown, made and matured on Kalmoesfontein farm in the Swartland appellation of South Africa. The 28ha of old bushvines grow in the Siebritskloof part of the Paardeberg mountain. The property is owned by the baie dynamic and cousins Hein and Adi who have restored the property and a neglected cellar on the farm that was last used in the 1930?s to make natural wines in the traditional manner.

Adi was a founding member of the Swartland Revolution and Swartland Independent and is a parrot farmer, LP collector, egg poaching pro, tea connoisseur, Land Cruiser driver, ponytail wearer and local legend (just ask him).

Roossouw, Gouws & Clarke is what you get when four people get together and tried to make the most delicious, smashable Pinotage in the universe. The formula? Organic fruit, carbonic maceration, bottled young to keep it fresssh.  Planted in 1968 on decomposed granite soils, dry-farmed and bush vine, farmed organically.

The certainly achieved this and this is one of the most smashable Pinotage's you will possibly encounter. On point and totally delicious breaking with the norms but doing it in style. The name is a combination of the 3 parts of this awesome equations; Rossouw = grower, Gouws = winemaker, Clarke = David & Jeanette - the brains!

Tremayne Smith studied to be a chef. Influenced by his father's love of wine, he then decided take up a career in winemaking and graduated in 2007. After an internship at De Trafford, he was employed full time as the assistant winemaker and vineyard manager for Sijnn, later Mullineux, and now as winemaker at Fable. In 2014 Tremayne started his own project - The Blacksmith.

This is still a very much a small production label, using varieties that Treemayne has a great respect and appreciation for. What inspired The Blacksmith was working with cultivars such as Cinsault, Carignan and Grenache, both locally and during his travels abroad. The Blacksmith's philosophy is to make natural wines that are both appealing and soul-satisfying - they have nailed both.