Bests Sparkling Shiraz 2013

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Essendon
It’s coming up to XMAS, where we put all our little differences to one side and enjoy ourselves. Or that’s the theory anyway! New livery for this wine, I’m thinking?
The colour here is something else; it makes deep purple look insipid. Blackberry and violet, dark boiled XMAS cake, chocolate and leather, with a slightly briny character too. It’s dense and tannic, full of juicy purple flavour, along with raspberries, salt beef and spice. It’s almost more savoury than simply sweet, and has layers of complexity and a full throttle finish rolling with dark chocolate and a thick pillow of tannin. Pretty much, this is how you do it. Almost ready now, but will really be better still in a few years.  GARY WALSH November 2016