Causes and Cures Semi Dry White Vermouth (500ml)

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney
In the Old World, white vermouth generally comes from France and the sweeter red style from Italy. Both, however are traditionally made from white wine, with caramel adding colour to Italian Styles. The base wine in this vermouth from Giant Steps is biodynamic viognier.  Part of the base wine is distilled and infused with botanicals grown on Giant Steps' vineyards, such as wormwood, juniper, bay leaf, Seville orange, meyer lemon, native lime and cumquat. Complex orange and herb aromas star and finish on the palate , but the balance is the star here - it's not too bitter, not too sweet. Serve over ice or with Four Pillars gin - the distillers of the base wine - to make a 'Yarratini'.BEN THOMAS, Halliday Magazine