Fontaleoni Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2017

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  • South Melbourne
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Grown on the verdant slopes around Tuscany's "Medieval Manhattan", San Gimignano, these wines were the first ever to be given the DOC status (that’s right, most people, myself included, would have assumed that would have been Brunello or Barolo but not so) as it was widely regarded as the premium table white in the country. In the intervening years it was has been elevated to DOCG and, when made to its potential, is one of Italy's most interesting dry whites.

Fontaleoni is a family estate run by brother and sister team, Matteo and Simona Troiani, with a little help from consultant Paolo Caciorgna. They've succeeded in producing a range that is emblematic of the best of what the region has to offer with particular emphasis on Vernaccia which, it has to be said, has been a revelation in the years since we first started seeing them in Australia. In fact, I would say the wines of Fontaleoni are the essence of what I look for in Italian whites. They have texture, a little hint of bitterness (a very good thing) and plenty of fresh acidity making them not only the ideal accompaniment to a huge range of foods but also perfect for drinking with friends in the sun. What's more the basic bottling is brilliant value for money!  ROSCOE