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Dolcetto Mixed 6-Pack

Dolcetto Mixed 6-Pack
Selected by Kaila Terraneo

Brezza Dolcetto 2019 (2 bottles)
Most of the fruit comes off the ‘Fossati’ Cru in the northern section of the Barolo Commune where it borders La Morra. Off the lower section around 250m above sea level. Soils have a higher portion of sand and silt which suits this style of Dolcetto. 2019 was picked a little later than most years due to the coolness – picked the mid of September. Fermentation/maceration is in steel for 1 week before being racked off into steel and/or cement before releases to the market. Being 2019, this year’s Dolcetto has a little more structure and tannin than recent years with loads of classic sour cherry/plums with refreshing acidity. PRIMAVERA SELECTIONS

Azelia Dolcetto d’alba ‘Bricco dell’Oriolo’ 2018 (2 bottles)
Old vines (average age of 55 years) grown at 600 metres above sea level in Montelupo Albese. A cool year from a high site.Blueberry, spice, new leather and dried herbs. Medium-bodied, falling to spicy and savoury, with a cool sort of ‘mineral’ feel, pressed flowers, firm acidity, and a certain granularity to tannin, a bit dried herb in flavour, but has energy and interest. A wine for quaffing with a tasty dinner, preferably Italian, though chops and chips would do just as well. GARY WALSH, The Wine Front

Francesco Rinaldi Dolcetto d'Alba Roussot 2018 (2 bottles)
The 2018 Dolcetto d'Alba Roussot is a super classic old-school wine, as always. Bold, ample and full of character, the Rinaldo Dolcetto hits all the right notes. In 2018 it leans toward more of a floral and red fruit spectrum, but there is still plenty going on. Wild flowers, sweet red cherry, and mint are accented by distinctive tar and game notes. ANTONIO GALLONI, Vinous