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Grower Champagne 6-Pack 2017

Grower Champagne 6-Pack
Selected by Jacqueline Turner

Awareness of the Grower Champagne movement is on the rise in Australia and if you haven't yet been introduced to the phenomenon, now is the perfect time to get acquainted.

Champagne is arguably the most universally-recognised wine region. By the time we hit legal-drinking age, most of us are aware of the ever-ubiquitous names of the ‘big house’ Champagnes. While the larger Champagne houses source their grapes from many growers and locations around the region, Grower Champagnes are terroir-focused, family-owned operations who produce wine only from vineyards that they own. Although these industry mainstays provide us with excellent, consistent wines, for those of us looking for an alternative, grower champagnes provide us with a plethora of styles to suit a range of budgets.

This is a mental line-up including only our favourite producers; Pierre Peters, a chardonnay specialist in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Laherte Freres is an outstanding, biodynamically farmed, producer, creating lively wine made from mostly Meunier and a little chardonnay. Vilmart is among our favourite houses that have mastered the difficult challenge of delivering an elegant and full-flavored Champagne with finesse. There is no question that Agrapart and Larmandier Bernier are at the very top of the tree with regards to the grower movement, and we welcome Vadin-Plateau new to Australia.